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Embarking on this journey, I bring with me a wealth of wisdom amassed over years of immersion in the wedding industry, and I’m eager to share every ounce of it with you.

My journey into the world of weddings began with a profound fascination that was ignited during my tenure at a prominent high street jeweler, where I had the privilege of showcasing engagement and wedding rings to couples. That spark was kindled almost 15 years ago, and it has only grown brighter since.

Subsequently, my path led me to delve deeper into the realm of weddings as I pursued studies in Hospitality Management. This pursuit took me to Chicago, a city that opened doors to an immersive experience in weddings during my internship. My time there bestowed upon me insights that I’ve since carried with me to my home base in Denver.

Returning to Denver, I rolled up my sleeves and stepped into the world of management. The year 2007 marked a pivotal moment as I plunged headfirst into a wedding coordinator role, seamlessly managing events for two hotels. At the peak of this endeavor, I found myself orchestrating nearly 200 weddings—a task that was undeniably challenging yet immensely fulfilling.

Over the span of the next 11 years, my journey evolved, and I embraced the role of a Marketing Manager with a specialization in weddings. This phase brought with it recognition and accolades, solidifying my position as an authority in the wedding industry. The passion and dedication I poured into my work were rewarded with a series of prestigious awards, a testament to the profound impact that weddings had on my journey.

From the spark that ignited at a jewelry counter to the multifaceted experiences in the hospitality industry and beyond, my odyssey has been one of growth, learning, and an unwavering love for all things weddings. I invite you to join me on this expedition as we explore the captivating universe of weddings together. Through Manda Mobley, I’m thrilled to offer insights, advice, and stories that capture the essence of this extraordinary journey that marks the union of love and celebration.